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Adjustable Lane Change Blinker



Currently when you “bump” the turn signal one direction or the other, you get three blinks.  A option would allow a setting of 3, 4 or 5 blinks, which is what it takes to make a lane change.


May be an easy software change.



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Three blinks is perfect IMO. Most cars I've driven recently do three blinks (Merc, BMW, Audi) and I'm only ever annoyed if I find myself in a car that does only one blink. When attempting a lane change in dense traffic, I set the blinker to "stick" and blink continuously until I explicitly release it. I have never felt the need for anything in between.
Laws require that drivers signal before, during, and until they have completed the lane change.  After driving for 5 months, that takes longer than three blinks to do smoothly.  At least for me.  So I would like to adjust that up to 5 blinks, please.
I currently drive a Lexus LS460 and have mine set to 6.  I find this is ideal.  System is adjustable to 3, 6, or 9.
Why not use the camera to detect when the lane change is completed before turning off the blinker after nudging it for lane change?  The technology is there, use it.  I believe that auto-pilot will actually do the complete lane change for you and turn off the blinker upon completion if I remember the P85D intro video.
Rather than a specific 'timed blink,' why not blink until the lane change is detected by the car's steering system and/or other monitors?

If temporary blink engaged, once steering wheel returns to roughly 'center', then turn it off.
On VW, this is configurable to be off, 3 or 5 flashes I believe (been a while since I owned by VW but it was a 2009 model and it had this feature).