Add Sounds Effects for External Speaker



Allow pre-recorded sounds and effects to be played through the external speaker (when equipped) to override standard pedestrian alert sounds.


Perhaps include sounds such as V8, turbo, jetson spaceship, plane, train, rocket, etc. Drivers should also be able to add/import their own sounds (e.g. mp3 on a USB).

All-electric vehicles are now required to add safety sounds in multiple countries:

Moderator: Regulations may limit what can be done, and it is unlikely to allow user-supplied sounds, which could include silence.


Tesla has already stated they are working on this.

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I believe the legislation forbids manufacturers from modifying or defeating the now mandatory irritating noises in the US.

Users, on the other hand... <ahem>
It would be nice if could play music/radio/etc on outside speakers while washing the car or when working near the car.
I like the idea of using the clip-clop of horse hooves instead of just a beep.