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Radar based Blind Spot Detection (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


Add rear-facing radar for improved blind spot detection.


Some vehicles offer this feature, often in an extra cost feature package.

The current suite of autopilot hardware includes a dozen ultrasonic transducers, 6 around the front of the car and 6 around the rear. The effective range of these devices is 16 feet, inadequate for safely locating vehicles approaching from the rear in adjacent lanes in highway driving In order to do a better job it is suggested that a radar transducer be located in each rear corner of the car and be used for this purpose.


Implemented in V9 software using cameras (not radar) in October 2018.

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Need RADAR on every corner of the vehicle.
Ultra sound now supposed to reach 32 feet. I think this is a good idea, Even 32 feet is not enough in higher speed traffic conditions with large interlane speed differentials.
This feature seems mandatory for FSD, doesn't it? It could be fatal to perform a lane change when some idiot is overtaking in that lane at 100 mph. This does happen and all too frequently.