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Add Remote Support for Vehicle Alerts



Using a system like IFTTT that could link with your Tesla account and car, it would signal various events, such as starts, stops, firmware upgrade available, etc.  Then these can be linked to various actions, such as sending a text message to your phone.


IFTTT is a platform that allows you to take actions based on certain events triggered by a system or device. There are thousands of devices that support it. Here are some of the rules that I have now: when it’s 7am, text me the weather report. When it starts to snow, set light color to red. When it starts to rain, set light color to blue. If weather clears, set light color to white. When I start or stop my car, open a URL with the GPS co-ordinates. This last one uses a device called Automatic Pro that connected to the OBD2 port of my ICE vehicles.

If Tesla were to support IFTTT, then you would link your Tesla.com account with IFTTT and select which events you would want to monitor and what to do when those events occur. I personally create web sites and would want to route the alerts for when the vehicle starts or stops, firmware upgrades, and also non vehicle information like when a new Tesla Supercharger comes online. IFTTT is also very useful for non programmers as you could set it to send a text message or interface to other home control devices.

I’m sure other people can think of many useful features if Tesla were to support IFTTT. It’s an industry standard that many companies support.



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Sounds wonderfully nerdy, and shouldn’t add clutter to those that choose not to user it.
Organizations that run a fleet with Teslas in it really need something like this. Typically, they buy a third party device (like Automatic) that plugs into the OBD2 and might also be wired into the ignition to monitor idle times (not an issue with EV of course). Fleets with heavy duty trucks have additional requirements like monitoring interstate travel and use of any hydraulic accessories to track maintenance needs. It makes it harder to add Teslas to existing fleets when there's no solution for this.