Add Info to Nav Display



Add ETA, remaining distance (from navigation), and projected range (from energy panel) to the instrument panel navigation display. This would help free drivers from the touchscreen for purposes or monitoring progress and energy adequacy. The request reflects my practice of comparing these values, which would be eased if they all appeared together in a one stop center on the instrument panel, instead of being spread around the instrument panel, energy panel, and map display.


This is purely a software change so relatively cheap and retrofitable. It might be tricky to find room for a line of data like this on the navigation display, but my sense is that it is not too difficult.



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Thom EM


I concur with the suggestion as my practice for long haul driving is the same. However, instead of adding this information to the navigation display (left to the odo), I'd rather like to see an additional option (in addition to trip meters, audio, etc.) for the right hand side of the instrument cluster.
Yes.  I think of this every time we road trip.  It just makes sense to have it on the dash board.