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Ability to Skin Dash



It would be nice to have different color schemes and also different layouts.  For example how about a purely digital speedometer, analog style, retro, etc… completely different views so you cannot get bored of it.

Have the ability to mimic other car brands even… I want the “Ferrari” gauges this week.  next up… a Porsche style.  You get the point.


No other car company can do this.

Simulation of other companies gauges could be a legal/copyright problem, so that portion may not be possible.



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Moderator: I'm convinced this request has been filed already but I seem to be unable to find it now. Is my memory wrong, or can you find that original request and merge this one into it?
Actually, I think this is the only one.  Thanks for the submission!
For a start it could be nice to be able to select between different color backgrounds/themes - e.g. carbon theme.