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SDK to Change Look & Feel



Provide a software development kit (SDK) or API to create custom information and control screens that could be optionally shown on the main and/or instrument screen.


For example, users might want to design a spacecraft control screen, to give the car a custom look.  Or, perhaps a screen that looks like something you would see in an aircraft.  While you can currently design and display such a web-based screen now, you can’t really make it interactive with the car’s controls, or have it update, based upon the car’s current operating conditions, or data from cameras, etc.  Tesla could provide an SDK that would give safe and secure access to various components of the car that developers could use to create these custom screens.  Then you could have a Tesla App Store that these could be submitted to for vetting by Tesla software engineers and eventually offered free or for a small fee, if they were proven to be safe.


Unknown. Elon, back in 2013 stated an API would be made available, but it appears it is on the back burner or they ran into issues such as ensuring no legal regulations are violated or dealing with the complexity of validating applications.

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