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Rent 60 kW to 75 kW Upgrade



Allow owners of newer 60 kW S/X models (i.e. 2016+) to rent the upgrade from 60 to 75 kW. Some of the rental cost could be applied to purchase of the upgrade at a later time.


Current pricing to upgrade is $2,000 (Jan-2018). The original upgrade price was $9,000.



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I'm NOT an owner. Only a by-stander. $2,000 seem cheap to me. If you don't want this deal, I can't see how renting it would/could change your mind.

Do your calculations - compute extra miles and decide if you WANT to afford.

OR since you will never charge over 90% (which is where most degradation occurs if you let it sit over 90% charge). I'd think you'll have a good chance to keep this car a life time and may never need a new battery.