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22kW Mobile Connector Adapter



Offer an adapter for the Mobile connector for a 22kW connection (Europe only).


The mobile connector is limited to 10kW, so no adpater can be added to support a higher power rating. It could be possible Tesla could create a new Mobile connector that handles 22kW that would include the appropriate connectors.



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22kW adapter (IEC 60309 - red - 3*32A) would be really appreciated, because you can't charge from non-Mennekes plugs more than 11kW now. For this you need special 3rd party equipment, which is really annoying. We have to have 3 cables now - Tesla original for up to 11kW, Mennekes for public charging and special 3rd party for 22kW charging from red sockets.
I think a 3rd party "mobile wallbox" is perfectly fine for the purpose, as is a 3rd party Type 2 charge cable. Just pick the flavor (length, quality, etc.) you prefer, no need for Tesla to add yet another option to the market. An offering from Tesla would not come any cheaper, anyway.