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Tshow Part 10 – Conclusion

I’m quite happy about how the project turned out. So far it has been reliable and working without fail, even in high temperatures (110+ degree cabin temperatures after sitting in the sun).

This video shows the demo mode, where most of the modes appear one after another. The video was shot 3 stops down to better capture the colors, so it a bit dimmer than reality.  To enter demo mode, hold the remote button down for 3 seconds. Any state change by the car, app or remote will resume normal operation.

When parked the lighting could bring unwanted attention. If this is a concern, you can set the parked state to “Off”. On the other hand, having the lighting on while parked could suggest there is active technology protecting the vehicle.

If you are really interested in making this project and have the necessary skills, contact me so I can talk you out of it.  😊

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