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Augmented Reality Video

by tc


Add augmented reality direction hints over the front video stream on the screen.

Accurately calculated arrows should hover over the crossways showing the route to take and the name of the streets is shown directly in the video.


This eases real-world navigation a lot, as there is no more need to do interpretation from 2D maps to reality.

Similar functionality as can be seen in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44myNm8T1Vw

Picture: https://blog.mercedes-benz-passion.com/wp-cb4ef-content/uploads/Schnitt-Reality-12.jpg

  • Mercedes offers that features in a few of its cars, such as A-Class or EQC.
  • This brings navigation functionality to the next level and is a clear improvement over the current 2D navigation with maps.



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