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Multiple Navigation Routes



When navigating to a location, offer three or four choices, perhaps as fastest, shortest, cheapest (i.e. no toll roads). Each route would show the number of miles, estimated time, and the actual route on the map with different colors to identify each route. If no selection is made within say 10 seconds, default to the fastest choice.

Lexus Navigation Routing

A choice based on shortest time based on current traffic would be fantastic, although we are unaware of any current car navigation system that has this feature.  Another routing consideration should be where superchargers are located (for longer routes). In this example, Quick2 may be the only route that truly works, with a stop at the Harris Ranch supercharger.


Some of more advanced navigation systems offer this or close to this level of functionality.



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Multiple Segments is my top wish: "Will i run out of % for trip A-B-C-D, even if each trip is short?"
Not willing to pay extra for this standard feature! But it's a must! What should be included: Fastest, Shortest, Economical and Scenic

A handy feature would be to plan a route on the home pc or tablet and hand it over to the car and vice versa. So there would be a need to handle destinations and routes with favorites function for both!
Just like my Lexus although I usually default to the quickest.
I'd appreciate an option to optimize for least energy usage (i.e., lowest cost) in addition to the current behavior of optimizing for shortest time.