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Ludicrous Retrofit

Tesla is offering to upgrade North American existing P85D owners to include the Ludicrous mode performance boost. Only owners whose orders were placed before 11 am PST July 17, 2015, are eligible for this retrofit and it is no longer available.

The new reduced cost (as of Nov-2015) is $5,000, which is a bargain as the normal option price is $10,000.

The retrofit includes these changes and parts:

  • Added electronics with a tiny lithium battery and a pyro-actuated fuse to cut power under an overload condition with extreme precision
  • Two new contactors using Inconel to increase the pack output to 1500 amps from the prior maximum level of 1300 amps
  • Higher current high-voltage wiring
  • Updated software to change Insane mode to Ludicrous mode

Ludicrous Mode Performance Improvements over a P85D

  • 0-60 mph improvement of 0.2 seconds (to 2.9 seconds)
  • Quarter mile improvement of 0.2 seconds
  • Estimated 10% increase in power
  • 0-155 mph time reduced by 20% (original notice, now unconfirmed)

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