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Model S Lighting Count

This is our current count of lights used in the Model S, and is close to those used on the Model X. All are LED (Light Emitting Diodes), except for the side parking lights. Prior to the 2016 Model S refresh the headlights were HID Xenon and the rear license plate lights were incandescent. Back in 2012 and early 2013 HID headlights were part of a tech package, and the basic headlights were Halogen. Halogens were discontinued later in 2013.

The count of LEDS used in the two displays are a total wag, based roughly on one LED per linear inch of display edge.

We believe the North America charging port uses RGB (Red-Green-Blue) combination LEDs. While we count each color triad as a single LED, you could argue that rather than 12 LEDs, the charging port has 36 LEDs.  European cars use 3 RGB LEDs behind the charging port instead of the ring.

We did not include LEDs on the charging cable itself.

Backup lightsExterior224
Charging PortExterior11212
Door handlesExterior414
Fog lightsExterior212
Front turn signalsExterior21020
Hatch Brake lightExterior14444
Headlight Daylight Running LightsExterior22448
Headlights (dynamic)Exterior236
Rear License PlateExterior212
Rear Turn signalExterior2816
Side Parking Lights (Incandescent)Exterior224
Tail lightExterior24692
Trunk release buttonsFrunk212
12″ instrument display (estimated)Interior13434
17″ display edge lighting (estimated)Interior14646
Dome reading lightsInterior414
Door switchesInterior313
Doors opened red warningInterior414
Driver Door indicatorsInterior133
Driver Door switchesInterior11111
Emergency Flasher buttonInterior111
Foot WellsInterior414
Front Door AccentInterior21836
Glove boxInterior111
Park-Drive StalkInterior111
Rear Door AccentInterior2918
Steering WheelInterior144
Under-door puddleInterior414
USB port glowInterior212
Sides and TopTrunk313
Total Lights438

One thought on “Model S Lighting Count

  1. Alex K says:

    Yes, the 2 Rear License Plate lights are incandescent. They are 36mm Festoon bulbs – easily replaced with LEDs.

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