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Washer Nozzle Retrofit

On earlier cars (perhaps pre-2015) the washer nozzles shoot a stream of water. This design has changed on newer cars to shoot a spray.  A retrofit from Tesla is available to switch the nozzles. The cost is about $50 for parts and labor (which may vary depending on your local service rates).

Stream vs. Spray

It was reported by a fellow S owner that using a stream works better at cleaning the windshield when moving at higher speeds, and a spray works better when stopped or at low speeds, so you may prefer one type of nozzle over the other.


TOM ZIMMMERMAN 6-Mar-2019 - 3:25 pm

Can you email me what I need to replace the heated stream nozzles on a 2015 P90D model S

Moderator 6-Mar-2019 - 4:04 pm

Sorry, I don’t know the parts – but if you contact Tesla service, they should have the right part numbers/parts for your car. Ask for the parts department.

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