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USB Adapters and Charging

The USB console connections point outwards, making most USB drives stick out like a sore thumb, and may break if anything drops on it.  There are several adapters available that eliminate this concern. Search for USB 3.0 Male to Female Verticle Left Angled Adapter.  Use either USB-C or USB-A depending on how your car is equipped.

With older cars (pre-USB-C), the USB ports are limited to 500 mA per connection.  Quite a few devices charge significantly faster if you have 1000 mA or 2100 mA available. You can check your device’s charger to get a better idea of the desired charge current.  If you are only using the USB port to charge, you may be better off with an adapter that plugs into the 12V cigarette lighter power connector next to the two USB ports.  There are a large number of devices to pick from, including those that handle more than one USB connection.

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PHIL 30-Dec-2013 - 4:26 pm

I came across a USB Charge/sync device that I’ve been using for months. It holds up my phone in a viewable position while I drive. I found it on eBay. Just search eBay for: USB Charger Flexible yet Rigid – TESLA Model S

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