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Trailer/Bike Hitch

A hitch allows attaching a bike rack or towing a trailer behind your Model S or Model 3. Perhaps carry a generator (just kidding)!  I’m not sure what Tesla’s stance is on towing loads.



Chewy 30-Nov-2014 - 2:48 am

I had the torklift ecohitch installed by Midnight Trailer in Redwood City, CA. Excellent design by Torklift, and Midnight trailer did a great job with install. the hard part was wiring in for trailer lights. this took a lot of digging, and Luis, the technician said that every Tesla that he has wired had different color wires in the back.

the left rear light wire was carrying both turn signal and stop, so we wired into the side markers for left and right. for the brake, we wired into the LED brake bar above the window.

I used an isolator box by Curtis to avoid loading the Tesla circuits. power for the trailer lights comes from the auxillary port, which also powers my sub-woofer – but not at the same time. If I need more power I will have to run a wire from the frunk.

Kim 18-Jul-2015 - 7:01 am

Hi Chewy,

I have purchased a ecohitch from torklift for my Tesla. However, I would like to do the wiring for the lights as you described. Do you have some pictures, spec’s or additional info to provide me so my electrical wire installation will run smothly? Can you do some digital pic’s from Your installation, or provide me With contact details directly to you?

Regards Kim

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