Tire Pressure System Retrofit

Tesla changed the entire Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) starting with VIN 50900, around September 2014.  Cars prior to this VIN have a older system that is unable to display tire pressure in the car. It still will warn of a tire with low pressure.

The sensors have a small non-replaceable lithium-ion battery that typically lasts 5 years. Once the battery expires the sensor must be replaced. The sensor measures tire pressure and temperature. Each sensor for each tire costs about $50.

VINs prior to 50900 use the Baolong sensor, Tesla part number: 1010938-00-B
VINs at 50900 or later use a Continental sensor, Tesla part number: 1034602-00-A

Continental TPMS Sensor

Typical Continental TPMS Sensor

The sensors only transmit data. The receiver only works with a specific sensor. If you have an older car, you cannot just replace the sensors. You need both the new sensors and a new receiver.

One user got a quote of $1100 to convert to the new system. When I asked our local service, they thought it couldn’t be done, so your mileage may vary!

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  1. mambro says:

    Good info at the bottom of page 1 in this thread. Possible to have done at the Service Center and less expensive if you have Gen 2 wheel sensors already (3rd party or if you bought wheels with them, etc.):


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