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Change the handling by making modifications to the suspension for additional grip, less roll or other benefits. This may entail the design and replacement of stock parts with custom-designed parts.  Tesla used to offer a Performance Plus Package option that stiffens key suspension linkages and tuning dampers to increase lateral stiffness. This was only available on the P85, and it must have 21″ rims. The P85+ (now discontinued) and the P85D includes the suspension package.

User Modifications

Rear Camber – controls the angle of the tire. On the Model S, the rear camber is fixed at about -1.9 degrees.  Design modifications to reduce the camber to -0.8 degrees. Titanium replacement parts were available prior to May-2015 at the OpenEV Store.

Top shows the Tesla link, bottom the replacement link

(Image used with permission from the OpenEV Store)



TM 27-Jan-2018 - 8:05 am

How have things gone with this new hardware?

Moderator 27-Jan-2018 - 10:18 am

Not sure. I’ve never installed them myself and designer no longer sells them. I suspect it was more a liability issue than one of functionality.

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