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Upgraded mats can be purchased for the front floor, rear, trunk, and frunk.  Tesla provides all cars with basic black mats for the front and second-row floors. (Apr-2023 update)

If you have a White, Cream, Grey, or Tan interior, you may want to consider a non-black mat color.  If you do, you’ll find that the vehicle has footwell lights and lights under the seats to illuminate the back floor. A few models/versions/trims do not include these lights. For those with lights, they are almost invisible with the black carpet but add a nice touch when using a lighter carpet color. Non-black mats don’t show every speck of white dust and lint, but may show dirt faster over time and may need cleaning more often.

Primary mat sources:

  • Tesla offers carpet and rubber sets, made with high-quality materials, but only in black
  • CoverKing – Offers carpets specific to the Tesla front and back areas. They are available in super plush 70 oz and 40 oz densities. Colors for both densities include Black, Gray, Oak (tan), and in 40 oz only, Charcoal.  Available direct, through various dealers including Amazon and Costco.
  • Lloyds – They offer a huge range of colors, sizes, and types and offer Tesla-specific mats for the cabin, frunk, and rear cargo areas. Color choices differ depending on the Lloyds mat type you order.  The Lux, at 48 oz,  and Ultimat at 32 oz, appear to be the most popular styles – the Lux being the more plush and expensive. Lloyds mats are custom ordered through many online and direct retailers. Model S users report matching the black carpet, that the Black default seems to be the best color match in the Ultimat series, and Ebony for the Lux series.

    To match Tan leather seats in older cars, we put 6 samples against the center armrests of a Dec-2016 built car. We used the direct sun, but two different angles and turned the samples around in the bottom set, which changes the shading.  Overall, the Sand and Java were a close match depending on the angle, We actually liked Beige a bit better being a touch darker. The Tan also looked good if you want an even darker carpet – maybe to hide dirt.  It looks better in person than the photo shows.  Sand and M Parchment were the lightest of the choices. We didn’t like Bamboo as it was clearly yellowish in some angles.


    tan samples
    If you want to match the Grey leather seats (discontinued at Tesla), for Ultimat, 137 Euro Gray, and 140 Gray are good matches. If you want a darker non-black, 188 Flint II is a good choice. Here are all three next to the grey leather armrests in daylight in a January 2013 built car.  I had a hard time deciding between these three greys, as they all look good, but ultimately went with Euro Grey.  The Flint II, while not a match for the grey leather, is a really good in-between for the existing black carpeting and the grey leather upholstery.


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Moderator 18-Dec-2013 - 9:09 am

Update: After 11 months with the gray carpeting, they still look new. Other than occasional vacuuming, I’ve never had them washed. Keep in mind I’m in California, and never deal with snow and slush.

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