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Phone/Accessory Mounting

If you’d like easy access to a phone or other device, there are dash mounting systems that can accommodate almost any item from iPods to small tablets.



ELLIOTTCABLE 22-Jul-2016 - 4:30 pm

I’ve discovered that this tiny little flush-mount nestles *perfectly*, right below the right-hand driver’s side vent, between the lower-level leather trim and the main touchscreen:

MagicMount Magnetic Flush Mount (Amazon)

With this, my phone snaps magnetically (very, very securely: it handles Ludicrous Launch Mode; I’ve checked … although perhaps don’t expect it to handle Launch if your phone’s in a case :P) into place right between my steering-wheel and the touch-screen, leaving me free to navigate with Waze instead of Tesla’s terrible Garmin-based service!

PHIL 30-Dec-2013 - 4:36 pm

I came across a USB Charge/sync device that I’ve been using for months. It holds up my phone in a viewable position while I drive. I found it on eBay. Just search eBay for: USB Charger Flexible yet Rigid – TESLA Model S

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