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MCU1 to MCU2

On the Model S and X, the MCU main computing unit, in late February 2018 production was upgraded to a newer design “MCU2” switching from an Nvidia quad-core CPU to one based on the Intel Gordon Peak board, similar to that used in the Model 3. The Bluetooth and WiFi were also upgraded.

New features include a number of games and the ability to watch NetFlix and YouTube videos while parked. The touch response and display updates are also faster and it offers 5 GHz WiFi.  The Bluetooth changes may allow fobless operation someday using your cell phone, similar to the Model 3.

Due to a new wiring harness and new Bluetooth and WiFi antennas, the MCU2 is not a drop-in replacement for cars with MCU1, but with additional wiring or eliminating some new features, it may be possible.

The official statement from Tesla in early March 2018: “In the interest of full transparency, will not be implementing these retrofits in vehicles that have already been built and delivered.”

More recently, Elon stated you can upgrade the hardware:

Elon Tweet MCU2

As of October 2019, we believe the MCU1 to MCU2 upgrades are now available, at an estimated cost of $2500.

We expect some enterprising owners will do their own retrofit. Aside from the MCU2 cost ($2250*) and wiring/antenna changes – accessing the MCU is not easy. Replacement requires some labor to pull apart the dash to get to the MCU. In addition, it’s unclear if basic car data, such as odometer, trips, other user data, and preferences can be transferred from MCU1 to MCU2.

* Current Tesla parts cost & labor to install MCU1 out of warranty.  MCU2 is not a part sold currently (i.e. every MCU2 car is in warranty).

Run our MCU1/MCU2 Tester to detect which MCU you currently have. Run within your Tesla browser by typing: teslatap.com/mcu