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MCU1 to MCU2

On the Model S and X, the MCU main computing unit, in late February 2018 production was upgraded to a newer design “MCU2” switching from an Nvidia quad-core CPU to one based on the Intel Gordon Peak board, similar to that used in the Model 3. The Bluetooth and WiFi were also upgraded.

New features include a number of games and the ability to watch NetFlix and YouTube videos while parked. The touch response and display updates are also faster and it offers 5 GHz WiFi.  The Bluetooth changes may allow fobless operation someday using your cell phone, similar to the Model 3.

Due to a new wiring harness and new Bluetooth and WiFi antennas, the MCU2 is not a drop-in replacement for cars with MCU1, but Tesla now has a retrofit kit. More details are available on the Tesla Infotainment Upgrade page.

One issue for some owners is the upgrade will remove access to the AM/FM/XM radio.  We explain this and what your options are here.

The MCU1 to MCU2 upgrades cost $2000 for HW2.x cars and $1500 for pre HW2.0 cars. The retrofit includes new main and instrument cluster displays.  Lately, with the MCU2 upgrade, Tesla has also been upgrading the AP processor to HW3.0 in HW2.x cars, even if the owner hasn’t purchased FSD.

If you wish to keep FM/XM, there is another optional $500 charge for the new digital radios that are compatible with MCU2.

Run our MCU1/MCU2 Tester to detect which MCU you currently have. Run within your Tesla browser by typing: teslatap.com/mcu