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LTE Retrofit

Retrofit in the USA market is $500. The retrofit kit is now generally available at service centers. The costs may vary slightly in different regions due to labor costs.

All cars as of June 2015 for North America include the new LTE hardware. Some cars a few weeks before June 2015 may also have LTE. If you have cars made in May 2015 and are unsure if you have LTE capability, contact Tesla service.

To perform the upgrade, the center display must be removed, a fairly complex process requiring much of the dash to be disassembled. The 3G/GPS module inside the display module is replaced with a new 3G/LTE/GPS module from UBLOX and a new SIM card.

Here is the detailed parts list from the kit:

  • 1 – SIM CARD, JASPER (1035347-00-A)
  • 3 – SCREW, M3x4.PH.TRX10.W/PATCH (1010052-00-A)
  • 12 – SCREW, M5X6.PH.TRX25.SST.W/PATCH (1010058-00-A)
  • 3 – CABLE, COAXIAL.50.OHM,100mm.U.FL (1010854-00-A)
  • 3 – SCREW, M3x6.TPH.RX10.W/PATCH (1010062-00-A)
  • 3 – SPACER, M3X6.M/F.HEXAGON.W/PATCH (1010816-00-A)


Paul Macguy Scott 6-Dec-2016 - 4:06 pm

I had this done on my car and it has made map loading and song downloads much faster.

Esqr2 20-Dec-2019 - 9:00 pm

Basically the same retrofit is now costing $345. (Part: $110, Labor: $227 Tax: $8) My upgrade to LTE is scheduled for early Jan, 2020. Most folks seem to have been pleased with the upgrade, I will be very curious to see how my new changes compare.

Moderator 21-Dec-2019 - 9:41 am

Thanks for the update. Sounds like Tesla has figured out how to do it quicker, using less labor! I had it done to my first S and was glad I did. Several areas I traveled had no 3G signal then worked fine after the upgrade.

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