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Headlights – Halogen to Xenon HID

All cars made after August 2013 and before the 2016 refresh include Xenon HID headlights. Prior to August 2013, Halogen was standard and the HID headlights only came with the Tech package.

There is no official retrofit from Tesla, but it is possible to buy new headlight assemblies with the related HID electronics and have Tesla replace them.  One person did this for $2800 (including labor).

Some third parties offer general-purpose cheap HID retrofits, but we’d be concerned that the beam coverage may be different (in a bad way).


smashdoc 6-Jun-2016 - 8:56 am

Do you have info on who did the HID upgrade and where? Thanks in advance

Moderator 6-Jun-2016 - 9:42 am

Sorry, I’ve lost those details. What I do remember is they used Tesla service to do the work. I’d contact your local service center and ask if they would do it and what the cost is. If you’re more of a DIY, I expect you can order the parts (still not cheap) and replace them yourself. I think it requires bumper removal, but Service hopefully can confirm.

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