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Many owners of older Model S want more storage than the glove box. A console in the center front and/or rear can provide that storage. We’ve listed many of the options now available from Tesla Motors and third parties that are designed specifically for your Classic Model S.  All Model X and Model S cars made since March 2016 include a front center console.

  • Tesla – Premium Center Consoles

The Tesla front console and pedestal used to be available in piano black with side padding in black upholstery. This design was released in June 2016 and includes a new pedestal with pop-out rear seat cup holders. It’s no longer listed in the Tesla store, so it may not be available. An optional phone dock also used to be available for micro-USB and Apple lightning connections.

front console

A rear console used to be available from Tesla. You might contact Tesla to see if any remain in stock. The top pad can be selected in matching Nappa leather, or synthetic black leather.  It also has matching wood trim choices. It includes two cup holders and a storage compartment.


  • EVannex – Center Console Insert, CCI

EVannex offers a customized drop-in center console specifically for the front of the Model S. It includes a single cup holder, an optional second cup holder, a bin with a sliding lid, and a slot to hold and charge a cell phone. They offer different upholstery colors (black/gray/tan) and six different deck finishes to match your Model S interior style and four additional finishes to match their optional Dash Trim Appliqué Kit styles.

EVannex Center Console Insert – Black with Piano Black, Gray with Carbon Fiber, and Tan with Obeche Wood Matte

Tesla&More offers a black powder-coated aluminum open divider that is designed specifically to fit in the front center area for the Model S. I’ve personally tested one out. It fits snugly and is surprisingly well-made. It will easily last the life of the car.

Center Console Divider

Made of black silicone material, the TopFit unit is both functional, low cost, and designed specifically for the Model S.

Similar to version 2, this unit has one cupholder and is likely the lowest cost center console available.

User-Created Center Consoles

Center console with hidden drawer

There are also a number of generic center consoles, but it’s unclear if any of these will fit properly: You can use a search engine to locate these other possibilities.


Zyaire 17-Sep-2018 - 10:14 pm

A reasonable option for model s owners who don’t like 1250 USD (personally I think it is worth if you just want the best for your S), TapTes provides their Center Console Insert $499.99 includes EMS shipping from Hong Kong to almost all countries with Tesla stores, generally it looks good and close to the Premium Center Console by Tesla, but with some little flaws some owners may not like, 1, no return if the product is not defective, 2, not perfect match with TapTes Qi wireless charger box for Model S, you can use their Qi charger, but then can not close the console front cover like the 2017 Model S, 3, there is a ~0.8CM GAP if you close both front console cover and back console cover, however most cases back console cover is open as need to put some small stuff in, in this case no gap.

If you want to improve your Model S greatly at reasonable cost and things mentioned not big issue for you, go ahead with TapTes, if want perfect center console insert, go for Tesla premium. TapTes Center Console Insert link: https://www.taptes.com/products/center-console-insert-cci-for-tesla-model-s

Rowlie 21-Dec-2017 - 1:39 pm

I designed one to be 3D printed and posted it on Thingiverse. It adds one front cup holder and an iPhone charging dock.


Moderator 21-Dec-2017 - 1:46 pm

Thanks – I’ve added to our Tesla related 3D prints section in Links.

avesraggiana 20-Dec-2017 - 8:33 pm

Tesla no longer make the rear centre console. The only one on the market is the one by EVANNEX.

Moderator 21-Dec-2017 - 9:08 am

Thanks – We’ve updated the text.

Brian S 29-Jul-2016 - 3:51 pm

I purchased the Topfit silicone insert (v2) and couldn’t be happier! $100 bucks and I can remove it if desired….

Looked at the new center console offered by Tesla directly, and was inimpressed with the tolerance and clearance issues of the forward cup holder in relation to opened lid.

raincityjerry 14-Apr-2014 - 3:10 pm

Or how about just wood….for a touch of class.

Jack B. 13-Jan-2014 - 6:51 am

Big fan of the CCI from Teslaccessories.com, I believe it is a solid addition to the Model S.

Cliff H 22-Feb-2013 - 10:18 pm

Or, if you can’t afford the CCI console (beautiful…but pricey), here is the poor man’s version – http://evtripplanner.com/console.php 🙂

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