Alcantara Headliner Retrofit

All model S/X now comes with the Alcantara headliner as standard.  Back in 2013-2014, the Model S could be ordered with either a fabric headliner or an extra cost Alcantara headliner. Some higher-end versions included Alcantra as standard.

If you have the fabric headliner, it may be possible to have Tesla’s Service Center convert it to Alcantara. The cost quoted is $2600 for materials and $800 for labor. Prices may vary by region.

Alcantara is a high-quality synthetic material that is similar to suede. It resists stains and offers a more consistent feel and look than suede.

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  1. Paul Macguy Scott says:

    Question on the Alcantara retrofit, is the front part of the dashboard done as well as the roof and center bar on the pano roof?

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