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60 to 85 kWh Battery Upgrade

by Moderator

Tesla can replace a Model S/X 60, 70, 75, or 85 kW battery with a 90 kW battery. The 100 kW is incompatible and uses different connectors and fluid fittings. Due to the extra weight of the 100 kW pack, the suspension was changed and the airbags are calibrated for these changes.  (Apr-2021)

Tesla is charging around $20-22K for a new 90 kW pack.  Other sizes are not available. As of this writing, other than packs replaced under warranty, Tesla only offers a new replacement service for a bad battery pack.

There are third-party companies that will repair a damaged pack.  Typical costs are in the $5K range.  Gruber Motor Company is one place that has a pack repair service.

There are also third parties that take a salvaged car battery and will replace your battery. eBay is one place to search for what’s available.

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