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53 to 74 kWh Battery Upgrade (Roadster)

Tesla now offers a new Battery for Roadster owners as of September 2015. With about 40% more power, it provides about 35% more range. The original Roadster range was 245 miles (from the EPA program valid at the time of production). A 35% range improvement would boost the range to 330 miles (our analysis).

Cost of the upgrade is $29,000, which includes all parts and labor. The upgrade also includes removal, upgrade and reinstallation of the PEM (Power Electronics Module). Tesla states the upgrade is made at it’s cost and it does not intend to make a profit on this upgrade.

New battery packs are hand-built at Tesla’s Fremont Factory. The upgrade should take about two days, after all the parts are on hand at the local service center.

Retrofit Details at Tesla Motor’s Site

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