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40 to 60 kWh Battery Upgrade

The MS40 was discontinued in early 2013 before shipping due to low demand.  Tesla elected to supply all committed MS40 pre-orders with an MS60 that was software limited to act like an MS40. Those owners can enable the full use of the battery for a $10,000 one-time charge.  This upgrade is done in software and does not require a service visit.  Call ownership if you wish to activate this option. Supercharging is not available on the MS40, but after the upgrade to be an MS60, you can also enable Supercharging for $2500.



Dennis 17-Dec-2014 - 6:13 pm

Has anyone upgraded? Seems like tesla would discount the upgrade at this point.

Moderator 18-Dec-2014 - 10:26 am

I know a number of owners have upgraded. I don’t expect Tesla will lower the cost, partly because there are so few to deal with, and partly to avoid seeming unfair to those that paid for a S60. In some ways, S40 owners got a great deal – a battery that will likely last longer than any S60/85 since it will not allow it to go to the limits where some battery degradation may occur.

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