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Lexus Ad Parody

In May 2014, Lexus ran ads trying to show how electric cars are bad, and their Hybrid drive is so much better.  They must be really worried, as I don’t remember Lexus ever doing attack ads before, let alone being quite contrived and misleading!  The original ad ran in various publications including Bloomberg Week (May, 25, 2014) and Inc. Magazine, right side.  The original ad:

Here how it looks from the EV view of hybrids:

Lexus ad parody

Please note that this “fake” ad is only intended to show how stupid the Lexus ad is and is not meant to slight any hybrid. Hybrids in general are clearly better than ICE only cars, but in our opinion not nearly as good as the Model S 🙂


Datajimbo 31-Jul-2017 - 6:15 pm

Heck, look at what Volvo is doing. Tesla has been on the right track despite all the negative ads against it – plus what style!

Peter 22-Jun-2014 - 11:40 am

Lexus is only revealing themselves being afraid of tomorrow’s technology. That’s a bit embarrassing and eventually it is going to backfire.

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