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Innovative Ways to Extend Range

by Moderator

Here are some great ideas that could dramatically increase the range of any EV. While we suspect a few ideas might not be entirely practical, we know some smart engineers should be able to make it work. They only need to bend the laws of physics slightly!

  1. Wind power can generate a ton of electricity, so adding a wind generator to the car should create unlimited power. The faster you drive the more power you generate! You’d never need to charge.

    Bridges and garages might pose a slight issue.

  2. Behind the radiator, collect all the unburned fumes from ICE cars and burn these in a mini-turbine to charge the battery!

    Best results occur when driving behind smoking cars!

  3. Replace the shock absorber with linear generators. When you drive over potholes you get an extra boost of energy. There would no longer be any reason to fix up roads, saving the government a ton of money too!
    shock absorber

    This is already patented!

  4. Have a suction cup harpoon on the front of the car. Pull up behind a truck and launch the harpoon! Free energy, at least until the driver stops and tries to shoot you.
    Truck pulling car

  5. Fifth wheel generator – have a fifth wheel on the pavement that drives a generator all the time to keep the battery fully charged.
    Five wheels

    Worked in the 1920s, could work today!

  6. If you reduce the CD (Coefficient of Drag) to near zero, you’d get far better range. Design the car so it’s only 12″ high and 24″ wide.
    Tiny car

    Is there room for a 17” display?

  7. Power the car from solar cells. The car uses about 300 Wh/mi or 18 kW/h at 60 MPH. A good solar panel generates 280 W/h, so 64 2’x4’panels would be all that’s needed, so long as the cells remain in the sun and the panels are oriented towards the sun.
    Solar cells

    The trailer would need to be 16 feet wide and 32 feet long!

  8. Induction charging. Have a huge loop mounted on the side of the car that other ICE cars drive through. As they pass through, it sucks energy from that car.
    Side coil

    Opening the falcon wing doors moves the coil out of the way for trucks

  9. Create all roads so they go downhill. I’m still working out how you get to the top of the hill, but that’s a minor issue I’m sure someone can work out.

  10. Harvest the energy from passengers. They could have pedal generators that add power to the battery. Might need 100-200 passengers to keep the car going, so this idea needs a bit more work too!
    human power

I’m sure these are just a few of the great ideas being patented as we speak!

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