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Battery Breakthrough Breaks Laws of Thermodynamics

I find it fun to get energy as I drive in my Model S! This is an actual screen shot showing my energy gaining as I drive.

Negative energy means I’m charging as I go!  I’m not sure how the EPA came up with such a low 95 eMPG figure on the Model S and I don’t know why anyone would complain about range. Someone told me you couldn’t have perpetual motion, yet here it is!  Now I just have to figure out how to have my car airlifted back up to the top of this hill.

For those who doubt reality, this was done in Pasadena, California, with outside temp at 72 degrees, no rain and likely little wind, in May 2014.  Driving was about 35 MPH between stop-lights, with about 10-15 stoplights before I stopped to take this picture.  I continued to gain negative energy for another few miles as I traveled down Lake Avenue.

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