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Updates and Errata

Tesla is a fast moving company that makes it difficult to keep every fact up-to-date.  Unless otherwise noted, screen images in the book are accurate as of v5.8 software and mostly unchanged through 7.0 software. Below is a list of updates and errata we are currently aware of in the printed book. The iBook has already incorporated changes as of it’s release date. If you see something we’ve missed or a possible error, please let us know at our Contact Us page.


Page 26: In October 2014, green and brown paint options were retired. In early April 2015, 3 new colors were added, ocean blue, warm silver and obsidian black.  On April 10, 2015, white, blue and silver were dropped and warm silver renamed titanium silver, grey to midnight silver and ocean blue to deep blue. Later in 2015, silver returned.

Page 56: Battery limited maximum motor horsepower ranges from 315 to 532 hp depending on model and options (USA). Total motor horsepower (as defined by adding motor horsepowers) ranges from 282 hp to 762 hp depending on model. Europe uses a different definition of horsepower that inflates the numbers by about 1.3% over the USA.

Page 72: Tesla has greatly extended the free data connectivity to now provide 4 years of service.  For Model S purchases prior to January 2014, the 4 years starts as of January 2014, providing up to 5.5 years of data connectivity for some early owners.

Page 84:  Most European Superchargers are 135 kW, which provide slightly faster charging to a second car when two cars are sharing the same Supercharger module. North-american Superchargers are all 120 kW.

Page 118, etc: P85 and P85+ have been replaced with the P85D AWD version. In April 2015, the S60 was replaced with the S70 and AWD S70D. A new battery option in 2015 was added to create the S90D and P90D variants.

Page 138: The white gear icon has been replaced with the orientation button in v5 software (and the related image shows v4.5 software). If the orientation button is not blue, the map is locked and does not track your path. Tap the orientation button and the map centers at your current location and enables tracking.

Page 188: “Model E” trademark was been abandoned, and it is now called the Model 3.  Model X deliveries started in Q4-2015

Page 198: George Blankenship retired from Tesla in November 2013.

Page 212: At the time of writing, no Tesla stock was owned. Since then we have purchased a small amount of stock.


Page 2: Under Common Terms, for clarity changed to “kWh – 1,000 Watts of electricity for one hour”.
Page 47: The photo of red Model S in snow is courtesy of David Amberley.
Page 215: The inset photo of the authors is courtesy of Serena Sussex.