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TORG Music Organizer

TORG creates a new top level alphabetical directory structure to make it easy to find and select albums in your vehicle. After using TORG, selecting the folders menu from the USB drive provides quick access to your artists and albums. TORG can create 2, 8, 12 or 26 alphabetical folder groups of artists and move artist folders into the correct alphabetical folder.

TORG Folders Organization

TORG Application in the Folders Organization Section

Once the folders are organized, you can quickly access desired artists in the Tesla folders menu. Here are just two alternative layouts – 8 folders, which fit on one screen (back image), or 26 folders for A to Z (front image).

The following example shows the USB file structure before with two artists, and the after view with a new level of directories.

Before After
starting structure after structure

TORG can also change between structures or remove the structure to return albums to the root. This is handy for resynchronization with your PC’s music library.

You can also search and find WMA files (which Tesla no longer supports) and locate albums with missing embedded cover art.

Complete help with advice to fix music issues is included.

TORG works under most Windows versions including 7, 8 and 10, and likely works on older versions too, but untested.  Currently there is no progress indicator for long operations, and with really slow USB drives with large libraries, some operations can take hours. With a fast USB 3.0 drive many operations take less than a minute, even with thousands of songs.

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