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by Moderator

TeslaTap Assistant Pro (TTAP) is our free Chrome extension to make the Tesla forums easier to read, use, and enjoy!

Feature Summary

  • Color coding posters by category
  • Add/Remove poster names to categories
  • Auto spam detect and auto flag spam
  • Auto foreign poster detection
  • Options to hide foreign, toxic or spam posters
  • When saving new post text, autosaves to clipboard
  • Shows images and video on screen
  • Adds “Back To” button at bottom of thread
  • Import and export of lists
  • Ability to disable/enable individual features
  • Hides duplicate posts
  • Wildcard blacklisting
  • Highlight new and unread titles in forum listings
  • A number of clarity options to improve the forum look
  • Quoted text converted to italics
  • Text links converted to clickable links

TTAP has seven poster categories: Yourself, Experts, Liked, Foreign, Disliked, Toxic, and Spam. You add poster names to a category to highlight those posters in a color of your choice or use the option to hide posters in a category like Spam.

Our autosave feature is handy when you’re writing a post, and pressing Save causes Tesla to logout. Now after logging in, you go back to the thread and Press Ctrl-V to paste back the lost content.