Save $1000 on your Model S or X purchase

If you’re ordering a new Model S or Model X, Tesla periodically offers a $1000 off your cost.

When you’re ready to order, or anytime you already have a Tesla account, just click this $1000 off – discount. If available, a small confirmation will appear on the web page and the discount will then appear later when you get around to ordering your new car.

We hope has been useful to you in purchasing your Tesla. Also consider if you have a close friend that owns a Model S or X that can help you, they may also have a referral code you can use instead of ours.

As of this writing, the promotion is running for orders placed before June 15, 2017. If it is later than this date, try it anyway – it could still be valid as Tesla has extended the discount in the past.

New Bonus: For a limited time, using the referral will also give you unlimited lifetime Supercharging for the original owner of the car.  Currently without this, you only get 400 kWh of free Supercharging each year.  Orders with referral must occur between May 19. 2017 and December 31, 2017 to get this bonus.