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Parcel Shelf Auto-Lift

The parcel shelf is great in that it hides everything in the trunk area, but it often gets in the way when loading up. I bought a Parcel shelf auto-lift from Evannex (now discontinued) and installed it. Basically, it attaches a wire between the shelf and the hatch so that as the hatch opens the lid of the parcel shelf rases up.  Very clever.  Took less than 5 minutes to install without tools.  I’m sure one could be made as a DIY project.

lift attachment ponits

Attachment points.

The Evannex design top connection is a friction fit, and it works ok, but I decided to drill a tiny hole in the plastic and insert a screw to fix it in place.  (Screw is not included in the kit)

Lift screw

Lift screw

The cable is nicely made and neatly folds onto the parcel shelf when closed.