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Projector Logo Lights v2

For an easy custom look on a Model S/X/3/Y, a logo projector lights can be installed in place of the puddle lights that are on the underside of the door panels. Some 3/Y SR, SR+ do not have the puddle lights, so confirm you have lighted puddle lights before embarking on this project for those vehicle versions.

The new S/X/ Plaid and 2021+ LR changed the design of the puddle lights to be round, and as of Jan-2022 we are unaware of anyone that has a puddle light for these vehicles.  The 3/Y may also get this design change at some point, so before buying a puddle light, confirm if you have the rectangular or round shape.  Rumors have a round version projector in development.

This project takes about 5 minutes per door and can be installed on any number of doors. Our approach allows you to return the original lights, as we don’t cut any wires, nor drill any holes in the car. You can install them on two or four doors. The parts cost is about $20 for two doors. (Jan-2022)


Version 1 logo style on my first car

Parts Required

There are many manufacturers of projector lights. You want one that uses the same connector and fits in the same hole as the original Tesla white puddle light. The same Tesla puddle light is used in all versions and years of the S/X/3/Y.

There are also a number of logo styles and colors.  The one shown above is great looking, but may be hard to find today.  Many of the older designed projectors use a LED beamed through a color film. After a few years, the film fades and they don’t look as good anymore.  The latest designs use a metal slide that never fades. These are limited to a single color.

We used this Projector light – never fades (Amazon) in our latest installation shown at the end of this article.

Logo Puddle Light

Logo Puddle Light

Tools required
  • Flat-blade Screwdriver

Open the door and locate the existing puddle light under the door.

Underside of the door

The underside of the door

There is a slot on the front or back of the light. Use a screwdriver to pry the existing light out.  On some cars, they are really tight and hard to remove. With the light hanging out, release the connector.

Closeup View of Tesla LED Module Connector

Connect the logo puddle light to the connector, but don’t insert the module yet.  Confirm it lights up and displays the logo. On most logo projectors there is a way to rotate the image to your desired image location. I set mine so when the door is fully open, the logo is readable when standing to get into the car.  On the units I bought, the black barrel portion can be turned to get the alignment right. You will need to use a sharp screwdriver to turn the barrel.  Once you’ve got the position you want, snap the light into the hole.

Here’s what my driver’s door logo light looks like. The color is actually a deep red, but photography tends to overload with bright red and looks incorrectly as orange-red in the photo.

Looking down to the ground

Looking down to the ground