Model S Top Features

The Model S is an amazing car with a huge set of features, many of which are unavailable on any other vehicle.  This is a short list of what we consider the top features included with the Model S:

Hot Features


All Electric Delivers economical, quiet, gas-free driving
Aluminum Body Light weight with no possibility of rust
Excellent styling Fresh design avoids looking strange just to be different
Glass Cockpit The instrument panel and control areas appear on high-resolution screens
Great Handling Low center of gravity and clever design make for great handling
Smooth Ride Optional air-suspension soaks up the bumps in the road
Acceleration High-acceleration without lag, 0-60 in 3.1 seconds with P85D model
Safety 8-air bags, traction control and has a 5-star crash rating in all categories
Comfortable interior Flat floor without humps makes for a open airy interior
Supercharging Get 150 miles of range in just 20-30 minutes for free!
(included on all current models)
Automatic Brake Parking brake is automatically set when in Park
5 Adults plus 2 Kids Two kids sit in optional rear-facing seats
Large cargo capacity Ample rear trunk space expands with fold-down seats, plus additional space in the front
HOA Access In select states, such as California, electric vehicles with solo drivers can get access to HOA carpool lanes with an access permit
Active Cruise Control Follows cars in front at a safe distance and will use braking if needed to come to a complete stop
Auto Pilot Hardware Designed for a free future upgrade for self-parking, collision avoidance
 AWD All-wheel drive models offer increased traction and stability in poor weather conditions

Cool Exclusives*


Huge Touch Screen Controls and information appear on a huge 17″ high-definition touch screen
Web Browser A full web browser is built in and ready to use
Google Maps Includes 7 years of free updates, with road, satellite and traffic views
Full UI Access While driving the passenger and driver have full User-interface access. No annoying lockouts or “lawyer” screens to deal with.
Wireless connectivity Built in WiFi and 3G/4G/LTE cellular connection allows for over-the-air updates and much more
Great Range With the S85D model, it offers 270 miles of range (EPA), more than double of any other production electric car
Flush Door Handles Lighted handles extend when you approach the car and retract after use
Auto Lock Walk away from the car and the car locks itself
Panoramic Glass Roof Optional glass roof is one of the largest available on any vehicle
Instant Heat/Cool Heat/Cooling starts immediately when needed (no engine warm up needed).
Dual USB ports Charge devices and play music files
Remote Control App Android and iPhone apps allow you to lock/unlock, honk horn, see where your car currently is on a map, and control charging and more
Extensive Lighting Over 400 LEDs throughout include many conveniences and looks great inside and out
GPS Ride Height Remembers desired ride height at GPS locations (with optional Air Suspension)
GPS Homelink Remembers where you use homelink and highlights the correct selection

* When introduced by Tesla
Some features listed are part of optional packages. Check with Tesla Motors for the latest features and options.