Model 3 Top Features

Here are the top features on the Model 3.  (Updated Nov-2019)


Hot Features


All Electric Delivers economical, quiet, gas-free driving
Aluminum Body Parts Lightweight aluminum used for some body parts, unheard of at this price point.
Excellent styling The fresh design avoids looking strange just to be different
Glass Cockpit High-resolution 15″ instrument/control panel touch screen
Great Handling Low center of gravity and clever design make for great handling
Acceleration High-acceleration without lag, 0-60 in 3.2 seconds with the Performance model
Safety 8-air bags, traction control, 5-star safety rating in every category, blind spot detection, emergency braking, collision avoidance, low center of gravity
Comfortable interior Flat rear floor without humps makes for an open airy interior
Supercharging Up to 250 kW fast DC charging
Automatic Brakes The parking brake is automatically set when in Park; Automatic braking for collision reduction/avoidance
5 Adults Comfortable seating for 5 adults without annoying center hump
Large cargo capacity Ample rear trunk space expands with fold-down seats plus the additional front trunk. Cargo space 15 cubic feet with rear seats up.
HOA Access In select states, such as California, electric vehicles with solo drivers can get access to HOA carpool lanes with an access permit
Traffic-Aware Cruise Control Follows cars in front at a safe distance and will use braking if needed to come to a complete stop
Autopilot Self-parking, side collision avoidance, and future Full-self-driving
AWD All-wheel drive offers increased traction and stability in poor weather conditions – available in some models
Roof Glass Windshield runs from base to rear trunk lid
Latch Attachments Four LATCH child seat attachments – three in the second row (2 normal child seats or 3 narrow seats)
Cupholders Front seats get 2 cupholders and rear row has pair of cup-holders in the fold-down armrest
Seat Belt Adjust Front seats both have height-adjustable seat belt attachments
All LEDs All lights are LED, including the headlights and taillights
Roof Rack Mountings for a roof rack

Cool Exclusives


Huge Touch Screen Controls and information appear on a huge 15″ high-definition touch screen
Web Browser Internet-connected web browser
Google Maps Includes 7 years of free updates, with road, satellite and traffic views
Full UI Access While driving the passenger and driver have full User-interface access. No annoying lockouts or “lawyer” screens to deal with.
Wireless connectivity Built-in 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi and 3G/4G/LTE cellular connection allows for over-the-air updates and much more
Great Range The Long Range model offers 322 miles of EPA range
Panoramic Windshield The largest all-glass panoramic windshield in production other than the Model X and includes solar tinting
Flush Door Handles Cool flush look
Auto-Lock Walk away from the car and the car locks itself
Instant Heat/Cool Heat/Cooling starts immediately when needed (no engine warm-up needed).
USB ports Charge devices, play music files and record dashcam video from 4 cameras
Remote Control App Android and iPhone apps allow you to lock/unlock, honk the horn, see where your car currently is on a map, and control charging, get notifications and more
Extensive LEDs throughout include many conveniences and looks great inside and out
GPS Homelink Remembers where you use Homelink and highlights the correct selection
Aerodynamic CD of .23 is the best of any production vehicle, helps improve range and reduce wind noise at speed
Linear Vent Full car width vent system provides each front seat with individual electronic vent controls
Phone Unlock Your phone is your key!  The Tesla phone app unlocks the car automatically when nearby. A key card is also included that can be used to unlock the car or for valets

Some features listed are part of optional packages or exclusive to some model variants. Check with Tesla for the latest features and options.

18 thoughts on “Model 3 Top Features

  1. Peter says:

    I notice that there is no way to manually change the route in Navigation. If, for example, I want to use Interstate 280 instead of the selected route of Highway 101, there is no way for me to do this, other than just drive in the direction I want and wait for Navigation to eventually catch up with me. Or am I missing a feature that is hidden away somewhere?

  2. Hero9852 says:

    Just can’t see anything official on web browser like summon feature. In specific I can’t find browser for mid 2018 like on features page. Hope your right just think Elon would have commented by now if coming to the 3

    • Moderator says:

      Summon for 3 is official on the Tesla website. Browser is expected, but not exactly official (employees have said it will appear, but not on record). No official dates yet. That’s often the way it is with Tesla on minor features. Elon doesn’t talk about every feature of the vehicles either. My best guess is both will appear this summer based on my experience in seeing features added to the S/X over the last 5+ years that I’ve been tracking Tesla. Both features already exist, so it’s not as if it’s being created from scratch. That said, I’m not always right either – just providing my best educated estimate 🙂

  3. Hero9852 says:

    moderator I thought the model 3 had a cellular plan already isn’t that the lte connection for music and etc?

    • Moderator says:

      Yes, but the plan is provided for 3 months free on the Model 3 (4 years on the S/X), although Tesla has not started charging for it yet on any cars. After some point, Tesla will charge owners for cellular access or owners can elect to tether to a phone and use the owner’s data plan instead.

      • Hero9852 says:

        Ok I just saw your post about the 3s web browser you said that and summon was announced. I didn’t see anything officially announced. I also saw on the features web browser is coming mid 2028 like you know for sure. That’s all so I guess your assuming browser will be in 3 at some point but not official?

  4. Hero9852 says:

    Moderator where did you hear web browser was announced for model 3. I have not heard anything officially but do hope it’s coming?

    • Moderator says:

      Good question – I also could not find any official confirmation, and quite a few people (including me) assumed it would appear at some point. My guess is it may be waiting until the new browser is finished for the S/X (Elon stated about 8 weeks from now). It may also be a case Tesla is waiting until they have the paid celular plan in place for the Model 3 so they don’t get charged for the browser data.

  5. Joenathan says:

    Model 3 doesn’t have web browser, or summon, it also doesn’t have an option for air suspension.

  6. Accent says:

    Roof racks?

  7. brando says:

    Note typo above – Glass Roof

    Windshield runs from base to rear trunk lod