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Savings Tesla vs. Gas Cars


Savings Tesla vs Gas Cars

Pick a default Tesla vehicle against a competitive premium gas vehicle along with your state to get a good estimate of the cost savings beyond the vehicle costs. You can also override any values, but changing the vehicles or state will reset the values associated with those choices. (Jul-2024 update)

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Tesla Vehicles

kWh per 100 miles EPA

Cost of maintenance for each 1K miles
Cost of maintenance for 100K miles
Cost of maintenance for 200K miles


Maximum Cargo:

Gas Vehicles


Cost of maintenance for each 1K miles
Cost of maintenance for 100K miles
Cost of maintenance for 200K miles


Maximum Cargo:

Additional Choices

Regional Settings

Your State

kWh average cost of home electricity in state
Average cost, per gallon of regular gas in state
Average cost, per gallon of premium gas in state

Federal Tax Credit (depends on price/options/income/etc.)
Maximum possible EV rebate or credit in state
Local or regional rebate or credit
Utility credit or rebate for EV

Smog and emissions test fee

Personal Settings

Miles driving per year
Years using vehicle
Percentage of long distance travel away from home

Percentage of solar home charging (set to zero if none planned)

Savings Results

ICE fueling costs$
ICE maintenace costs$
Smog Tests$
Tesla electricity costs$
Tesla maintenace costs$
EV Rebates and Credits$
Cost Savings$

Vehicle Referral Discount – Varies often by Tesla, but may save you $500 or so depending on the latest Tesla promotion.

More Savings

Additional savings by getting a Tesla over a gas vehicle…

  • Safety – Tesla vehicles are some of the safest vehicles you can buy at any price.
  • Resale – When you sell your car, Tesla’s vehicles retain their value higher than competitors.
  • Parts Theft – No expensive catalytic converter to be stolen while the vehicle is parked.
  • Your Health – With an EV, you no longer have to breathe carcinogenic fueling fumes.
  • Society’s Health – With an EV you’re helping to reduce smog and water pollution.
  • World’s Heath – Reduce the mass pollution from the extraction, refinement, and distribution of oil and gas.
  • Climate – Driving your Tesla produces zero climate-damaging CO2.
  • Wars – Reduces the need for endless wars over oil and gas.


  • Maintenance costs are based on the national average for each vehicle and the manufacturer’s recommended service work. Your costs could be more or less depending on local costs.
  • Common costs such as replacement tires and alignments and non-wear item repairs are not included, as they would not result in any advantages or disadvantages.
  • Rebates may have restrictions or limitations. Check your state for specific incentives and limitations.
  • While the selection of gas vehicles is short, you can pick one similar to something you’re considering. Update the mpg and other values. It is often difficult to find a gas vehicle in a similar cost/performance/size class as a Tesla!
  • Tesla Supercharger rate of $0.30/kWh is used for travel electricity costs if any selected. Rates change based on location and time of day.

Compare Teslas

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