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Ride Height Reminder

If using a car wash that drags the car through the wash tunnel, you'll want to first increase the bottom clearance.

To do this, tap Controls, Controls tab, Driving, at Suspension tap Very High while pressing on the brake pedal.

Welcome to the Tesla Model-S electric car!


The black Tesla-shaped fob remote gives you access and use of the car. You do not need to press it. When you leave, be sure to take the fob with you!

Remember the car is VERY quiet, so be aware that pedestrians may not hear you.


1. When you enter the car it is automatically "On" as soon as you touch the brake pedal. There is no key or start button, as the Tesla fob is automatically detected.
2.  Before moving, first press on the brake pedal.

The right column stalk controls the direction - push down to the second detent for Drive or up to the second detent for Reverse.

The current state appears in the instrument display (P R N D).

colum shifter
3. Release the brake pedal and press lightly on the accelerator. Be careful as it has lots of power!

Neutral for having the car pulled

1.  While stopped, open the driver door slightly (important!).

Press the brake pedal and push down on the column stalk ONE detent.

Confirm you are in Neutral with "N" in the insturnment display.

2. On the large center display, on the bottom left, tap CONTROLS.

Select the Controls Tab, then E-Brake & Power Off.

Tap POWER OFF, and confirm by tapping the 2nd POWER OFF button.

3. Exit the car.


1.  Press in on the silver end of the column stalk for Park.

Confirm you are in Park with "P" in the instrument display.

This automatically engages the parking brake.

colum shifter
2. To lock the car

Exit the car with the fob.

As you move about 25 feet away, the car locks itself, the handles retract and the car turns off.

To leave the car unlocked

Leave the fob in the cup holder (slide center arm-rest back). The car automatically turns off after a couple of minutes when no one is sitting in the driver's seat.


1.  When the fob is close to the car (1-2 feet away), the handles will extend. If the fob is inside the car, press the door handle in and the handle will glide out.

2. Pull the handle to open the door. The car automatically turns on.