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Voice Command basic features .. turn on the wipers .set temp @ 70



******Ability to voice activate features in the car like 1) turn on off wipers 2) turn up/down volume 3) Set temperature to 71 degrees … make the car cooler etc .


This would make driving the car so much safer as you would not have to take your eyes of the road.




Category: entered 31-Jul-2019


Excellent idea! This is my biggest gripe that I have to use a finger to adjust the fan and temperature while I drive.

IMHO almost all driving and comfort features which are not instantly available through levers, buttons and scroll wheel should be available by voice. Making a driver use a touch screen to change frequently used settings is a safety issue. I have a touchscreen headunit in my current vehicle, and when I initially fitted it nearly crashed trying to set up navigation on the move (I know, that's my own stupidity, but it illustrates the point).