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Vehicle-to-Vehicle Charging



Allow charging from one Tesla vehicle to another, using the mobile charging cable and some kind of adapter/limiter.  Software would allow setting how much SOC shift would be allowed.

This allows low battery assistance to another owner.


It’s unclear if this is technically possible, but some owners on the Tesla forum feel it could be.



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Nice idea but I'm not sure how that would be done and it would require a special cable that wouldn't be free.
If the car were widely used as an emergency  power source for your house, this would be an additional benefit. That is a big "if".

Certainly a utility power inverter output (120/240 VAC) would be useful  to lots of folks.
Great Idea!

It would give me a better sense of security - just in case. A software addition could be that if there is a Tesla out there with low batteries it might send out a signal to other Tesla's that are present in the neighborhood to notify the needed help. If then accepted by the other Tesla, it then can be further communicated by 'mutual acceptance' of both parties to exchange Phone numbers.

Think about it - it's a digital world out there.
I'm very curious how this would work.

If I understand it correctly it would just charge car no:2 from the first car until the batteries are at equal charge? This would possibly be a very slow alternative if car nr 1 is not "full".

But I'm no pro-electrician.