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Turn signal simplification


I have been trying to understand the “state diagram” of the M3 turn signals since I bought the car.  I get the just of what they’re supposed to do, but in some cases it’s buggy, and in some cases, I would argue, wrong.

Main complaint example: if I’m signaling right (say to go around a corner) then I would like to signal left to go to the left lane, I have to push the turn stock down twice.  The first press only cancels the previous signaling (assuming the steering wheel didn’t already cancel it for me.)  I would like a full press in either turn stock direction to start signalling in that direct regardless of previous state.

I would like the option to disable 3-blink mode (I know other people want more blinks… perhaps disabling can be one of the options… like a slider or something).


Related bug: I experienced a bug today where I initiated a lane-change in AP, but AP didn’t want to lane change fast enough, so I turned the wheel myself, disengaging AP.  I wanted to make sure I was still signalling, so I pressed the turn signal again.  But then I had a little difficulty disabling the turn signal.  IIRC, I had to do a full press in the same direction as I was already signalling, then I was able to cancel with a half-press.

Sounds like an easy fix, but might get a little complicated due to interaction with AP.



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Agree with the turn signal issue. Don't use AP, so can't comment on the related bug