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Change the Turn Signal Sound



Reduce the turn signal volume and duration.


As a passenger I noticed how loud and annoying the turn signal TICK TOCK TICK TOCK is.  I know it is there for safety, but why not start it with the 4th blink, not the first?

Moderator – like so many things, there are very some regulations in the USA that control the turn signal duration and sound.  It can perhaps be modified, but it is unclear how much.



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A further thought on this. The clicker is placed very close to the phone mic. It is very disruptive on conference calls etc. Why not inject noise cancelling into the audio stream?
The reason you see cars cruising down the freeway with their turn signals blinking continuously is purely because the audible indicator is not loud enough for the driver to hear. It's always amazed me that the volume of that clicker isn't fully adjustable. The sensitivity of drivers' ears is quite variable. An auto maker wouldn't make a radio with a single, fixed volume or a non-adjustable nav voice or even control-panel lighting that doesn't have adjustable intensity. This feature is long overdue.
Some people with misophonia may experience the repeated clicking sound as extremely irritating. This goes as far as never using the turn signal.

If legally possible, please make the sound selectable from a menu or uploadable as mp3 by the user. Also please make the volume adjustable.

There are more people with misophonia than you think.
I once had a Saab 9-3 that ran the turn signal sound through the speakers.