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Panel Change with Swipe



Swipe the screen from left-to-right or right-to-left switches the panel to the next in sequence that is not already on the screen.

Having the ability to swipe the screen to change from one Tesla app to next in split screen or in fullscreen will make the car easier to access apps without having to reach for icons without looking as you’re driving.


Moderator: This conflicts with the swipe motion in the maps display, so the option would have to be disabled on the map.



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If it interferes with the map. Tesla could have ghost tabs or arrows on the edge of the screen. Apple lets you swipe to screens when more then one finger is used instead of just one. Programming can be done to make it work seamlessly . Thers is more then one way to do this. Just a few examples here.
I think this would be rather redundant, and also annoying if you accidentally swipe instead of push, which can happen on less that flat roads.
According to Mr. Musk, version 7.x in 3-4 months will have a completely redesigned UI.  Maybe they will implement better swiping then.

As in the new Volvo XC90