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Identify Best Supercharger Stall



When arriving at a Supercharger show the maximum available power for each open stall so you can pick the stall for the fastest charging. An alternative would show the rankings of stalls from best to worse.





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A while back, I recommended to Tesla Tech that the stalls could be equipped with a simple Tri-Color (or three separate) LEDs:

Red - not functioning / faults detected.

Yellow - Not the most power at this time. Other cars charging on this circuit. Don't choose me first.

Green - choose me first. Max charging.



Adding lights to the charger stalls would be nice, but probably a challenge from a manufacturing standpoint (BOM, part/sku numbers, retrofit on existing stalls, etc)..  This should be implemented in software, where the cars which are charging are reporting back via cell to the main system what their charge rate currently is.  Then, a new arrival's screen would show the vacant supercharger stalls in order of most available charge rate.  You could then see that stall 3A, for example, has 90 kW available, even if a car is connected to 3B.  It would imply that car on 3B is drawing very little, probably almost done charging.
Had the same whish several times already:

- late night, need a quick zap to make it home, and wish to be home as quick as possible

- 6 stalls, all 3 A-stalls are taken

So which one will finish first and give me most power more quickly?

The system should be able to know:

- how much energy left to charge in each car

- the forecast of the load curve based on that knowledge

- the stall that frees up charging power the most quickly


Still you could be unlucky though if, after plugging in the recommended (B-)stall, the owner of the car plugged in the corresponding A-stall would increase the charging limit.
A simple bar light on each charge pair could show current charge power (0-100%) to that pair.  Simply pick the lowest bar.  Seems like a relatively low cost retrofit.
Offering this via the console or app would be easier implementation than retrofitting all superchargers. Since all chargers have a clearly visible number, it would be easy to find which charger to go to. Additionally, a mini map could make this even better.
Totally agree with software display of Least Bad Stall! It is the most infuriating thing about the superchargers - if you've expected 100kWh for a 30' top=up and can only get 30kWh, that's back to standard EV chargers and a 90' wait.

For charging locations that tend to be busy, a charge status indicator on each supercharger would be nice.