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Speed-dependent Steering Feel



It’s great that the car lowers above a certain (now configurable!) speed, and lifts up again when speed falls under a certain limit.

Similar to the ride height, the user should be able to determine when the steering should change from Comfort to Standard or from Standard to Sport. My personal preferred setting would be: Sport above 130 km/h, Standard below 60 km/h, Comfort never.

The suggestion is the result of driving 1,400 km over the weekend. This would model the real world behavior that I noticed while actually traveling with Model S.





(split into two entries by moderator, originally created by Volker.Berlin)

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Dear Moderator, I wonder why this item shows as being attributed to you when it was actually me who filed it?
Voker, thanks for your contributions! You had two good ideas in a single post, so I thought it would be better to break them up into two, and had to create this new one (the original post is still under your name).  When I did this, I made a note at the end that this suggestion was from you, even though the blue box indicates "Moderator". You might have missed that note (see above). I haven't found a way to create a new post under a different name, which perhaps is a good thing.
Got it, thanks for the explanation! Yeah, I missed your note at the bottom which completely serves the purpose, fair enough. I simply remembered that I had posted something about this matter, and I clearly recognized my own words with your avatar next to them. That left me puzzled. No harm done, thanks again!
I'd actually prefer it work the other way around -- on the freeway I much prefer "Comfort" because it's far easier to stay in my lane. On streets (or windy roads) I prefer Sport or Standard.

Would love it if the car could determine that I'm on the freeway (60+mph? not turning much?) and automatically switch to Comfort.
I'm sorry I can't vote in the affirmative.  You can reset steering feel anytime you want in "Controls"
I have thought of this exact thing as well.  This would be easy to implement and would be very helpful to me.  People who do not see the need for this feature must be very conservative drivers.

If I had it my way I would select comfort for under 20 mph (neighborhood corners), then normal up to 80 mph, then sport the rest of the way.  Triple digit speeds in anything but sport mode is too unstable, and yes triple digit driving is fairly common for some less conservative types.
In other vehicle manufacturers this request is known as adaptive steering although it usually incorporates an additional feature that changes the steering ratio throughout the speed range based on clever manufacturer programming.  I believe Tesla has not taken advantage of this ability of electrically controlled steering and I hopefully await (if possible) a software update that provides this feature.