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Set Charge Stop Time



Add the ability to stop charging if not completed by a specific time.  This would allow charging to start when the rates drop and stop if not finished before the rates go up again.  This would also allow charging at a lower amperage over several days.


Such a feature might include a lower SOC (State Of Charge) limit as well, so that the stop time is ignored until you get the minimum level of charge



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I'm in, makes life really easy.
It will also allow owners to use one 50Amp circuit with two EVs by reliably staggering their charging times. Such a circuit can only support one car at a time at full capacity and it won't be long before many households get their second EV. Scheduled stop times avoid guesswork, mistakes, possible tripped breakers or - worse - a fire.
My car already has this (2016 S90D). I thought it was standard.
Would be very useful for those of us on a time-of-use power plan but with only a 120v charging outlet.

It could also be more friendly to the power grid if the car determined how long it was going to take to charge and picked a start time right in the middle of that window.  This would avoid me and all my neighbors creating a huge draw right at 11pm when power gets cheap.  Probably not a big deal most places, but around the San Francisco bay area the Teslas density is quite high.
Not sure of this is the right place for this, but I'd like a "finish charging at" setting, and have the car figure out when to start to be done at a set time.
I'll second what Charles said. I'd like to be able to "back load" the charging period so that charging concludes at my chosen time. My reason for wanting this is so that the battery packs are still warm when I start to drive.
But  simple way to start time and end time, even manually everyday, is fundamental for the electrical tariffs fares we are used in Europe. Nowadays you have even very low cost from 1-7am, while you pay 3-5 times more outside that slot.

Depending on the KWs you have allowed to charge (e.g. modest apartment can have 4,5KW) and you limit to 13-16A (or 3.7KW) the battery won't finish charging, but you will just maximize everyday's tariff.

If you need to fully charge up to a certain 90%, you just eliminate the end time, or as suggested leave a lower SoC (seoarate to the current standard limit)